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Upcoming Projects

Over the coming months, BPC have committed to improving areas of the Parish-owned land, including The Playground and The Orchard. Some of these works will be to assist the long-term management of biodiversity, and other activities will improve access and safety.

  • The Orchard – The council has recently undergone a programme to remove diseased and dying trees, in order to provide a safer area for residents to visit. Over the coming months and years, there will likely be some visible changes to the scenery, as the council look to replace vulnerable species in the orchard. In the long-term, this will create a more vibrant and verdant area to visit, and will encourage an even greater range of wildlife.

Other planned activities include the restoration of the footbridge, which allows safe, pedestrian access directly into the Orchard from the newly surfaced parking area.

  • The Playground – Many of the playground items have been in situ for many years, and they are beginning to show their age. Some items have reached the end of their life and have been removed entirely, whilst others have undergone structural maintenance to ensure their safety. In the long-term, the Cllrs are looking to replace items with brand new equipment following their commitment to maintain the playground as an important local facility.

These activities are large projects for a small, local Council such as BPC and a reliant on the hard work and endeavours of the Cllrs. Much of the work is funded directly from the precept, but other sources of funding such as the Community Infrastructure Levy have been accessed to support the work.